Relationships/Couples Therapy

 "Ethics, commitment, skills, and humor are key ingredients to making relationships last."

"Repair Therapy"

Marian's work with couples is collaborative. She believes that we all have expertise and understanding to enhance the healing and growth of the relationship. Often times we feel "stuck" in our relationship. We feel we must give up parts of ourselves, we feel we have to second-guess our partner, monitor one's behavior to please others, or worry what others think of us. Marian believes that through understanding how to have a successful adult relationship and through individual growth, we can make marriages last.

Marian can help you repair a relationship that has been broken. Or help strengthen a relationship that may need that extra support. She will provide you with skills and insights to help you grow your relationship to where you want to be.

Here are some of the techniques and perspectives that Marian uses to assist you in "repairing your relationship".

Making Relationships last

  • Life is composed of many transitions and if you stick through them and learn to love your partner through the changes, you will have a relationship that lasts.
  • Love is an action verb. Giving attention, acceptance and appreciation, lets others know that they are loved.
  • Accountability for 100% of the effort to support change in yourself and the relationship.
  • Understanding the elements of anger versus drama, ego versus the true self, and that the relationship can only support 25% of our emotional needs, the remaining 75% is up to us to supply.

Solution-oriented relationships

To change your relationship, stop trying to analyze or change your partner's personality. Focus instead on changing actions, patterns, and points of view.

Learning the uniqueness of our partner

We might believe that we know how our partner wants to receive love, however, everyone has a history which has shaped us and we have learns what it means to be loved in different ways.

In our sessions you can expect some of the following:

  • Solution-oriented interviewing and assessment
  • Interrupting repetitive negative interactions
  • Redirecting vague and blaming conversations
  • Opening up through metaphor and stories, change possibilities and processes

Marian has been married for over 35 years and can provide insights, perspectives and solid suggestions on how to repair your relationship. Call now for an appointment.