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    This tree represents the bonding of opposites into our everyday living. Together, we can explore how to integrate these opposites to make us whole
  • Marian Maynard

    Marian has over 25 years of experience working with people to help them understand themselves and better their lives. She has worked with individuals, couples, groups, teens, families and differently abled individuals throughout her career as a therapist Read More
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Welcome to Changes for Good

Thank you for taking time to visit my site and learn more about my services. Spiritual Direction is an old term for "Spirit Companion" or "Spirit Friend".  It is my belief that we all want to understand more about our relationship with our soul and that of a creator in our midst. 

Soul is energy, aliveness, passion - soul gives energy and alerts us to when we're in the presence of energy-givers or energy-drainers as we move through our life.  Soul holds together the contradictory and conflicting aspects of us; namely, our integrity or integration of our opposites.   Soul lets us know when we are acting and being with integrity and when we are off the path of integrity. 

People have come to see me to resolve:

- Excessively seeking to please or receive attention and praise from others.
- Difficulty saying no to others; fear of not being liked by others.
- Short attention span; difficulty sustaining attention on a consistent basis.

New and Current Clients

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People who have come to see Marian have said:

- "Marian seemed to understand me and my feelings from the first session. I no longer felt alone with my struggles in my life." 
- "Marian is easy to talk to." 
- "Marian was able to help me use positive self-talk and it changed my negative image of who I am to a positive image and makes my eager to get up in the morning."
- "Marian helped me remove my ongoing fears of rejection." 
- "I liked that way that Marian uses stories to help me understand myself from a different and interesting point of view - I guess I am like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ." 
- "Marian helped me to learn why I can't take compliments." 
- "Marian saved my marriage"


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